Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Bookshelves

So I mentioned in my round up this week that I was getting new bookshelves, and so I've decided to dedicate a whole blog post to them! Here's a little tour.

New bookshelves - hurrah!

I'm still rejigging things a bit because I'd like some kind of order to them eventually, but right now the focus is on them not being piled up everywhere... As I've mentioned a lot, most of the books I review for my blog come from the library. It's a good think I have to return them because I managed to fill this bookcase pretty quickly (oops!). I've dedicated my top shelf to YA <3

I've reviewed most of these!

I'm thinking I'm going to have to start investing in more Flipbacks because a) I love them and b) they're certainly a lot easier to store!

My much loved Flipbacks

I'm a huge Jodi Picoult fan as this shelf somewhat demonstrates...

My new Jodi Picoult section!

These are my wall shelves, which look a lot neater now I've offloaded some of the books to my new shelf. Of course organising my books is an awful lot harder when one entire bookshelf of mine is dedicated to Harry Potter, but I wouldn't have it any other way <3

The bottom shelf here is my Potter shelf, which includes French copies of all 7 books

Do you have the same trouble storing your books?


  1. Seems weird posting this now seeing as this was posted so long ago. But I saw you have the George.R.R.Martin books? Did you enjoy them? Because I love the series and I love getting the chance to talk to other readers of them. :)


    1. I do have the George R. R. Marting books :D I loved the first 4 books but the series went a bit downhill for me after that. I still need to read A Dance with Dragons part 2 because I've only read up to part one of that. The box set I have only goes up to A Feast for Crows so I got A Dance with Dragons part one from the library. They're a pain to read in a library time limit though because they're so long :') so I've been putting off the last one. Must read it soon though :)


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