Thursday, 8 November 2012

NaNoWriMo: Week One!

The first week of NaNoWriMo has passed and there's much to catch up on! I hit the big 10k on Tuesday which was not easy, but at the end of that chapter I reached a turning point and things seem to have picked up from there.

The biggest hurdle has been my concept. I've tried to explain my novel to people and come up short, so what have I done? I've only gone and changed it midway through! Rather than stressing me out, it's actually made things an awful lot simpler. Mt story was probably a bit complicated for its own good. So my YA novel has a new title - New Year! How long that one will stick we shall have to see. My main issue with it has been changing the cover I'd uploaded to the NaNo site. The new one is pretty damn awful but when you only have MS Paint to work with, it's never going to be a work of art...

My novel really started to pick up once I introduced the love interest. Now I have a whole potential relationship to play with - oh the possibilities! Lasy year I loved putting all the teen love drama in and this year is no different.

How is everyone else getting on? Keep up the good work fellow NaNo-ers!

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  1. Congratulations on NaNo, you sound like you're doing really well!
    I hit 23K last night (thanks to a few days of holiday at the start of the week to push me ahead) and I'm still going strong at this point.
    The biggest problem I've encountered with my novel is the flicking between different points of view. Because my novel is set in various historical eras, I'm finding difficult to write from so many different people's view.
    Maybe I'll have to work round that in edits.
    Well done and good luck for the rest of the month! :)

    Heather. x


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