Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors I Read in 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish, and this week's top ten is authors that are new to you after reading this year. I read quite a few debut authors this year, but I've decided to stick to some of the more established authors who I was happy to finally cross off my list!

1. Sarah Rees Brennan
I just read Unspoken and really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be checking out Untold, plus I have the whole Demon's Lexicon series to dive into. I love discovering authors who have so many books!

2. Keris Stainton
I absolutely adored Jessie Hearts NYC and I'll be readign Emma Hearts LA over Christmas (even though it's not the most festive sounding book!).

 3. Rainbow Rowell
I was lucky enough to win a copy of Fangirl which was one of my favourite books of the year. I also read Eleanor & Park which I wasn't as keen on, but it had been on my to-read list for ages and I think it's become one of those "must-read" titles.

4. Jennifer Lynn Barnes
I really enjoyed The Naturals which was my first book by Barnes, and I loved it so much I went and bought the entire Raised by Wolves trilogy to read!

 5. Elizabeth Wein
Wein was at Leakycon in the summer which prompted me to read Code Name Verity which I loved so so much (even though it broke my heart). Rose Under Fire had pretty much the same reaction.

 6. Sally Gardner
Another Leakycon author! I adored Maggot Moon which I read before I knew Sally would be at Leakycon, and when it was announced she was a guest I read and loved The Red Necklace too. I have I, Coriander on my TBR so that's up next!

7. Meg Cabot
I know, I know, how has it taken me so long to read a Meg Cabot book? I worked my way through a couple of audiobooks over the course of the year, with How to be Popular coming out favourite.

 8. Cat Clarke
I used a gift card I got last Christmas to buy Entangled at the start of this year which was so, so good. I've since read Undone and Clarke is definitely an author I'll continue reading.

9. Gayle Forman
I'd lways seen people praising Forman on Twitter so one day the curiosity got the better of me and I plced a hold on If I Stay which was such an incredible book! The library doesn't have the sequel but I'll definitely be reading it at some point, and Just One Day is high up on my wishlist.

10. Stephanie Meyer
And yes, I also read Twilight this year! For the first time. I'll probably try and read the rest of the books and I also own a copy of The Host.

Which authors did you read for the first time in 2013? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I LOVE ELIZABETH WEIN'S BOOKS SO SO MUCH!! Ahem... Cat Clarke is another great author whose books I started reading this year too, and I'mm really looking forward to her next novel A Kiss in the Dark, which is out next year. I loved Maggot Moon too, although I haven't read any of Sally Gardner's other books yet.

  2. Jennifer Lynne Barnes made my list because of The Naturals as well! Rainbow Rowell is certainly the star of 2013. She is on my list too! Thanks for sharing ~Megan

  3. Love, love, LOVE Rainbow Rowell. I also adored JLB's The Naturals, and read SRB's Demon Lexicon and really enjoyed it. You should check out that series too!

  4. Oh wow, you read some amazing books this year! I absolutely adore Keris Stainton and Meg Cabot and Rainbow Rowell and Gayle Forman and Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Cat Clarke :)


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