Wednesday, 15 May 2013

M.E - A Poem

Another different kind of post from me today! This poem was originally posted on my personal blog last year (linky-link) but I figured there might be some readers of this blog who would appreciate it. I wrote this to raise awareness of M.E, the illness I've been living with since 2005. It's a very personal poem as it stems from my own experience of the illness. I hope it gives you a little idea of what it's like to live with M.E.

Virus, not well, mild frustration,
Missing out my education,
Visit GP, desperation,
Blood tests, waiting, agitation,
Still so sick, a bad sensation,
Return to GP, preparation,
Bloods clear, now what? Anticipation,
Hospital the new location,
See consultant, evaluation,
“You have M.E”, a revelation,
Explains the illness, grabs attention,
I’m not alone, a celebration
List of symptoms, expectation,
“No cure yet though”, hope deflation,
Just more waiting, stirs emotion,
Wiped out, pain, poor concentration,
Sickness, joint pain, bad digestion,
Fatigue, weak muscles, debilitation,
Insomnia, sleep deprivation,
Bedbound, housebound, isolation,
For some comes hospitalisation,
Have to stay strong for duration,
Where’s the help, consideration?
Benefits battle, messed up nation,
Struggle through the registration,
Misunderstood by population,
Media writes words of fiction,
“M.E not real” a fabrication,
Still I fight, no liberation,
Too ill to learn, no graduation,
No job at all, no work promotion,
Charities help, make a donation,
Volunteers at their station,
To help with my incarceration,
Recovery the destination,
For now in my imagination.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate this is different from what I usually post and I hope it doesn't put anyone off. I'd really appreciate you sharing any posts you find useful and educational as the whole aim of M.E Awareness Week is to share the message of what M.E as an illness is really like. Thank you!

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