Saturday, 26 April 2014

Launch of the new Waterstones York!

Ever since I first read about Waterstones moving to a new premises in York I've been ridiculously excited. Whilst I've always loved my local Waterstones, I was looking forward to seeing the new shop as well as the addition of a Cafe W that would accompany the move. Whilst visiting other Waterstones across the country I've always liked the inclusion of somewhere to have a drink, because what could be better than the combination of a book and a cup of tea?

Saturday 26th April saw the brand new Coney Street Waterstones officially open to the public. It isn't far from the old shop, but the new shop is a much better space. But before I get into how much I love it, here's what happened on the day.

I arrived about 11am as the official opening had been billed for about 11.15. There were people inside the shop holding baloons and sipping on complementary alcohol when I arrived, but I'd arranged to meet my friend so I stayed outside admiring the books through the window. I wanted us to experience walking through the doors together!

At around 11.15 the town crier appeared from inside the shop, gathering the crowds and alerting them to the opening. A photographer was present to document the occasion so he jokingly warned anyone who was on the run from the law that they might want to skedaddle! Alongside the town crier were special guests Spot the Dog and the Lord Mayor of York. I videoed the main bit so you can watch below!

After the ribbon was cut we headed inside. Instantly I fell in love with the amount of space and light in the new shop, as well as the attractive displays. It looked fantastic. Of course my first instinct was to find the YA/Teenage Fiction section which I found in a lovely corner at the back of the shop. There were two display tables of books, on which I found the first of my purchases - A Kiss in the Dark by Cat Clarke. I then sought out the one book I had come to buy which was Goose by Dawn O'Porter, which I found quickly enough. I probably spent another twenty minutes perusing the shelves before my friend and I forced our way to the tills to pay for the books we had picked up.

Next it was upstairs to check out the new Cafe W. I've been to a few Waterstones that have Costa coffee shops but I've never sampled a Cafe W. And the experience was lovely! I had a very nice pot of tea and a free sample of one of their cakes which was scrummy. The cafe area is light, bright and comfy. It's definitely going to become my new haunt!

Our local book shops are so important, with more and more closing each year. I really hope that Waterstones York is here to stay, and I think with the move they have created an even more enjoyable book buying experience. I urge everyone to pop in soon!

Now I'm going to curl up with my new reads! Thanks Waterstones.


  1. Ah I used to love Spot the Dog - I'm actually named after his baby sister (my brother was 3 years old at the time and got to choose my name haha). I'm so glad I can follow your blog properly now, Sarah! Please follow mine back :) xxx

    1. That's so cute he chose your name! Haha. Thank you for following lovely, and have followed your blog via Bloglovin' :)


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