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[NA Blog Tour] Guest Post: Lola from Lola's Reviews talks New Adult!

Today I'm excited to host Lola from Lola's Reviews as part of the New Adult Blog Tour hosted by A Daydreamer's Thoughts. A huge thank you to Lola for this wonderful post! Read on for a great giveaway and your scavenger hunt clue.
New Adult:
Why I love it, some of my favourite New Adult books and my hopes for the future

Thanks Sarah for hosting me! In this guest post I start with a short intro about what I think about the New Adult genre and why I love it. Then I’ll tell you about a few of my favourite New Adult books/series and I end with a few things I would like to see in New Adult in the future.

For me a book is New Adult when it takes place after high school, when someone is going to college or in the case they don’t go to college when characters are around that age they normally are when you are at that stage in life. Actually I think calling New Adult a genre is a bit misleading, I think more of it as an age category.

I read a few New Adult books before it was called New Adult and I love seeing this genre grow and get more attention. Some people think New Adult is temporarily, but I think this age category has a future. It bridges the gap between being a young adult and being an adult. Sure you could just label it adult, but New Adult is so much more. It’s that stage where you go to college, get more freedom and spread your own wings. It’s finding out what you really want and having to stand on your own legs and not always being able to depend on your parents anymore. It’s often the first time when you are going to live on your own, without your parents or adults and it’s such a big and important period. I still think it’s an important age category in itself and I think New Adult is filling a gap there was in the age categories and makes it easier for readers to find books that take place at that age.

I really like the New Adult genre. The books are different than Young Adult. The characters are older, the books can be a bit darker and there is the possibility of sex. I don’t think every New Adult books needs to have sex, actually I have read some great New Adult books without it, but in Young Adult it sometimes feels like sex is a barrier that won’t be crossed, while I like that in New Adult there is that possibility. But what I like most is that the characters are now of college age and all the challenges that go along with it. Also as I am only 23 myself, most character in New Adult books are closer to my age and sometimes that makes it easier to relate to them.

A few of the best New Adult book/series I have read so far are: - The Rook and Ronin series by JA Huss. Tragic the first book in this series is a book I picked up when I was still fairly new to New Adult. This series has everything a good Contemporary Romance New Adult book needs: a heroine with a tragic past, a great love interest and a hot romance. It’s got mixed with some suspense elements and originality, with some great and likeable characters thrown in. This series contains 3 books and each of those are the kind of books that you want to read in one sitting, because they have the keep-reading-feel.

- Anywhere by J Meyers. While most New Adult books are a bit dark, this one is happy and light. While it still deals with some heavy issues, the overall feeling of this book is happy. Also it takes place in Europe, which is rare in books. The romance is perfect and sweet and I finished this book with a happy feeling. It’s standalone and everything get’s wrapped up nicely in this book, but I can’t help but hope the author will write another contemporary romance book.

- Losing it (Losing It #1) by Cora Cormack. I really enjoyed Losing It, it’s the kind of book that get’s named often when talking about New Adult, but it’s a good one. I love how awkward the main character is and this book is full with funny scenes.

- The Nogiku series by SJ Pajonas. This is one of the most original New Adult series I have come across so far. It’s sci-fi, post-apocalyptic romance and while I am not a big fan of sci-fi, this book totally changed my opinion of the scif-fi genre and showed how New Adult can be combined really well with a different genre than Contemporary Romance. I fell completely in love with this series and the second book in this series Released gave me a mayor book hangover (I almost never get those) and had me dreaming and thinking about this series for days to follow. I am now eagerly awaiting the
next book in this series and whatever else this author decides to write next.

What I wish for the New Adult genre in the future is for it to grow more into a real genre/ age category, at first New Adult basically only was Contemporary Romance and I want to see more other genres. I think it would be great to read more books in different genres than Contemporary romance that pick up this age category. How about New Adult Fantasy, New Adult sci-fi, New Adult Dystopia or New Adult Historical Romance? There are so many possibilities and while I see more and more New Adult books in different genres, I hope to see even more in the future.

Another thing I would like to see in New Adult books is focus on that period in life right after the main character has finished college. I am at that stage now and it’s a really difficult period in life. I would like to read about characters that struggle with getting their first job and starting their working life and all the other things that go along with. I think this is a stage in life that is vastly underrepresented in books and if someone knows a book that takes place in this stage of life, please let me know, I would love to read it!

And lastly I would like to see more New Adult books that take place in Europe. I live in Europe myself and while I love learning more about America, it’s the setting for most books and I would love to read some more books that take place in Europe for a chance.

What do you love about New Adult? What are some of your favourite New Adult books and series? And what do you wish for future of New Adult?

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