Sunday, 28 July 2013

NA Readathon Mini-Challenge: Rewrite the Synopsis

Today is the last day of the New Adult Readathon, something I've thoroughly enjoyed taking part in! Today's mini-challenge is hosted over at A Daydreamer's Thoughts. The idea is to rewrite a synopsis of an NA book. I decided to pick Between Friends by Amanda Cowen as it was the final book I finished in the readathon.

Original Synopsis:
The only way to have a friend is to be one…especially between the sheets…

When neurotically challenged and unlucky in love Megan Daniels, is propositioned by her life-long friend Ben Romano with a coin toss (heads, they sleep together, tails they don’t) the night before they are about to attend a destination wedding, she drunkenly accepts his challenge. But when Megan wakes up the next morning with a bad hang-over and Ben in her bed, she is more than mortified. It isn’t until the tropical heat begins to ignite emotions Megan never ever believed she could possibly have, that she starts to question if risking their friendship is the answer to finding true love.

My Synopsis:
Ben and Megan have always been friends. But what happens when they cross that line? 

Sunny Costa Rica awaits as the pair head off for their close friends' wedding, but what will they discover once they arrive? Can they stay just friends or will the romance in the air sweep them away? 

A tale of friendship and romance, this book will appeal to chick-lit and rom-com fans alike. Get lost in Ben and Megan's story.

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