Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Update to the Reviews Page!

Hi everyone! Especially those who have stumbled across my blog after Teaser Tuesday yesterday. Welcome!

I wanted to write a little post to explain a few changes I've made to my Reviews page. This blog has been up and running just over a week (already, I can't believe it!) but obviously I've been reading books for years before I decided to start blogging about them. I joined Goodreads at the start of 2011 and so since then I've been documenting my reading and leaving reviews on there.

I had planned to write out new reviews of teen books I've read over the past year or so so that they can feature on this blog, but it started to take up a lot of the time and energy I could be dedicating to reading and reviewing new books. Most of them already have a short (just occasionally long and rambly) review already on my Goodreads page, so for now I've decided to leave links to the Goodreads review on my Reviews page.

All this means is that when you visit my reviews, some of the links will take you to my Goodreads review instead of a blog post. It's still my review, and you still get a star rating so it gives you a good idea of what I thought of it and whether I liked it. Unfortunately it means they won't show up in the tag index (star rating or topic) but it gives my blog a more comprehensive index of what I've read in the YA genre which is what I wanted.

What's great is that you can now check out even more reviews from my Reviews page! Including some really exciting books (The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, books from Jaclyn Moriarty and Maureen Johnson and more!).
Check them out here!

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