Monday, 4 June 2012

Total Teen Fiction

Welcome to this brand new blog! Sit down, relax, have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Comfortable? Brilliant, let's get started. My name is Sarah and this is Total Teen Fiction, which is a pretty self-explanatory blog title but I'll explain it anyway. I'm a massive young adult fiction fan (a pretty big book fan in general, but I devour teen fiction like there's no tomorrow!) and so I wanted to create a place purely to talk about all things Y.A. Seeing as I'm often reading it, thinking about it, talking on Twitter and to real life people about it, the next logical step was to create a blog so I can share my many thoughts, feelings and book discoveries with people who love the same sort of books as I do.

So what will I write about? I'll review books where I can, and recommend books I've enjoyed reading. Reviews will be as spoiler-free as possible (spoilers will be clearly marked, don't worry!) and rated either of a 5* or marks out of 10 system. I'm hoping to do a weekly book round-up of what I'm currently reading or what I've picked up at the library, which will be a regular feature of the blog and something I'm really looking forward to doing.

I'll also write about books I've read about in the media and added to my to-read list or new releases and teen fiction news stories. I'll hope to post the odd opinion piece maybe looking a bit more seriously about issues raised in young adult fiction. I'll also be keeping my eye on film adaptions of my favourite teen books. So hopefully there's a lot to look forward to!

You can check out some of my favourite books on the "bookshelves" and "about" tags above to get a feel for what I'll be writing about.

Keep an eye out for more posts this week! I'll be trying to post a few reviews to get started off (look out for a review of Matched by Ally Condie coming soon!). In the mean time you can keep alerted of new posts by following the blog on Twitter. Until next time!

Total Teen Fiction

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