Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September's Book of the Month!

Each month I look back on the reviews I've posted and choose a favourite. As September has passed it's time to look back and choose my latest book of the month! And I've decided to do a joint winner this month for reasons that will become obvious. So without further ado, my book(s) of the month is...

Geek Girl and Model Misfit by Holly Smale!

I read and reviewed both of these books this month and I couldn't pick between them. They were both hilarious and refreshing, and such a fun read. I honestly can't recommend them enough and I'm just soryy I didn't get round to reading Geek Girl sooner! The characters are incredible and there's some fantastic relatable and heart-warming scenes, as well as plenty that will make you laugh out loud. Check out my review of Geek Girl here and my Model Misfit review here. I also made a book playlist for Model Misfit which you can find at this link.


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This was a close thing because this book blew me away too. A book about a girl who writes fanfiction was just so exciting to read. You should all go and check it out! My review here.

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