Thursday, 7 November 2013

Book Playlist: 4 to 16 Characters by Kelly Hourihan

Today I reviewed the incredible 4 to 16 Characters by Kelly Hourihan, and it's one of those books that just provided me with so many songs that related to the book. Here's my book playlist!

He Wasn't There by Lily Allen

He wasn't there when I needed him
No, he was never around
His reputation was preceding him
And he was out on the town

It didn't matter if he let me down
I didn't care about the lies
But all I knew was that he loved me very much
He was my hero in disguise
I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding

I know you care
I know it is always been there
But there is trouble ahead I can feel it
You were just saving yourself when you hide it
Yeah I know you care
I see it in the way you stare
As if there was trouble ahead and you knew it
I'll be saving myself from the ruin
And I know you care
Oh No! by Marina & the Diamonds

If you are not very careful
Your possessions will possess you
TV taught me how to feel
Now real life has no appeal
It has no appeal 

Ain't it Fun by Paramore

Ain't it fun?
Living in the real world
Ain't it good?
Being all alone
Where you're from,
You might be the one who's running things
Where you could ring anybody's bell and get want you want
You see its easy to ignore trouble
When you're living in a bubble

Bulletproof by La Roux

I'm burning bridges shore to shore
I break away from something more
I'm not turned off to love until it's cheap
Been there, done that, messed around
I'm having fun, don't put me down
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet

Secrets by Good Charlotte

In the dark
In the darkness you will find
Dirty little secrets we all hide
Cause we all have a darker side
A place we keep where no one else will find

Cause everybody wants to hide their secrets away
Nobody wants to stand up to the pain

About the book

4 to 16 Characters by Kelly Hourihan

Plot summary:  
Fifteen-year-old Jane Shilling’s best friends don’t know her real name. In fact, they don’t know anything about her at all. Jane’s life has collapsed in the last few years; following the death of her mother, her father turned to drinking, and Jane is reeling from the double blow. To escape, Jane devises a number of online personas, each with a distinct personality, life history, and set of friends. But things become trickier when she finds herself drawing close to some of her online friends, and winds up struggling with the question of how to maintain a real friendship while masquerading as a fake person. With the help of Gary, a socially awkward classmate and competitive Skeeball player who is Jane’s only offline friend, and Nora, her therapist, Jane begins to sift through her issues. The only catch is that that involves taking a long, hard look at what her life’s like when the computer is shut off, and that’s a reality she’s been fighting for years
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