Friday, 2 August 2013

July's Book of the Month!

 Book of the Month!

At the end of each month I look back over the books I've reviewed in that time (not necessarily read or released in that month) and pick a favourite. So now August us upon us it's time to choose a book of the month for July! And for the first time ever I am having joint winners, because I just can't choose!

So my books of the month for July are...

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau!
This is one of my new favourite books! So many clever ideas and a fantastic main character, it really stood out for me against other books in the genre. Don't miss it!

Dare You To by Katie McGarry!
 I adored Pushing the Limits but I think Dare You To topped it! I fell in love with Ryan and Beth made such a refreshing change to other female characters in YA. An intense story you don't want to miss.

Geekhood: Mission Improbable by Andy Robb!
I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more. The most accurate portrayal of teenage life with realistic characters who love to flaunt their Geekhood. This book was even better than the first (and I loved that!).
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July was such an incredible month and I think all the reviews I posted were positive which was what made it so hard to choose! Here's hoping August brings some great books as well.


  1. Dare You To was also one of my favorites from July! It's a great book, as is Pushing the Limits.

    1. I loved Pushing the Limits too! I think that was one of my top books from last year and Dare You To is shaping up to be one of my top books from this year. Just can't get enough of Katie McGarry's writing <3


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